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June 23, 2009

Learning styles

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It is all too easy to simply assume how a student learns best or how they prefer to learn. As a teacher, we remember how we learned and model ourselves after our favorite teachers. How many students are lost, because their learning style is not understood?

Much research has been done on the topic of learning styles. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, Kolb’s experiential learning theory are just two of the more commonly applied theories among numerous theories, constructs and variations of theories. Some of these theories use simple, easy to understand language that can be interpreted and applied in a classroom. Other theories use odd terminology to define ┬áconstructs that classify learners such as assimilators or divergers. In a college such as the one I teach at, most of the instructors are educated in their specialty. They have advanced degrees in design, art, business, science or whatever. Very few have formal education in the field of education; therefore, the terminology must be commonly understood in order to be meaningful. ┬áJust one more reason this dissertation topic is appropriate.

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