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March 21, 2010

Asynchronous communication

Filed under: Dissertation Topic Exploration,Personal challenges — Cyndy @ 4:00 pm

Asynchronous communication in an online environment has valuable potential as a conversational tool especially for students that might otherwise be too shy to speak up in a traditional classroom. However, the challenges are many. As I experience the online environment in my own class, I am frustrated by the lack of depth to the topics. Each discussion question requires students to write a post followed by response to two other student posts. Classmates often post information that is irrelevant, blatantly off topic or simply subject to further inquiry.  Inquiries are not addressed once students have met the two response requirement. Conversations are therefore prematurely halted. It is especially disheartening when an instructor ends a conversation with a “good boy, Johnny.”

There must be a solution to this problem. Distance learning is here to stay, but it must provide an equally stimulating educational experience. I feel a dissertation topic lies somewhere amidst this frustration.

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