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April 26, 2010

Online education

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With positive experiences in online education, I have not carefully paid attention to its weaknesses until recently. As I move further into my pursuit of a doctoral degree, I wish to have more satisying conversations about class topics than can be accomplished in an asynchronous environment. Each student is required to post two “substantial” replies to other student’s response to discussion questions. A typical response generally follows this pattern: I agree with you. You stated, ” … ” That is so important.┬áIf anyone dares to pose a question or disagree, a response is unlikely as the class has moved on to the next question and the next week’s requirement.

Additionally, in an online environment student’s all see each other’s work. While this could be a motivator for some students, I generally see it as a reminder that I work way too hard. I certainly do not want to sound arrogant; however, some of my class mates would not pass my undergraduate classes if they were to submit similar work. I do not know what grades these students get in their doctoral classes, but they continue to submit poor work so I assume they are passing. This leads me to wonder if this degree really means anything?

Online education is convenient. It brings education to those who might not otherwise get an education, but it has some serious weaknesses that need attention.

One Step Closer

Another course is over, and I am one step closer. At this point, I am unofficially pursuing a dissertation study in the policies and procedures that suppport academic honesty. From what I have learned so far, academic dishonesty is prevelant at all levels of education and colleges deal with it in dramatically different yet equally ineffective ways. would like to better understand the problem so that colleges can implement better systems. In light of the growing online academic trend, this is an important topic.

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