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July 24, 2011

Closer, yet no closer to a dissertation topic

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As I complete a quantitative research course, I am even more convinced  that I will do a qualitative study. I am impressed with the new knowledge of statisticial analysis that I have acquired. I also must admit that initially I was  intrigued by the solid and predictive nature of the information that can come from  quantitative analysis; however, now I’m not sure that I am prepared for the dissappointing results that can follow. When searching for statistical significance, the proof is either there or it isn’t. I recently ran a statistical analysis on grades compared to study habits of students in my BA121 courses over the past year. The results were disappointingly inconclusive for most categories. I could only conclude with any statistical significance my hypothesis regarding students who spend more time submitting assignments will get a better overall grade than students who spend less time submitting assignments. Duh!

In conclusion, when I think about research topics I am simply more intriqued by searching for clues than searching for answers. Without good clues we cannot find the right answers. There is strength in combination studies that use both qualitative and quantitative analysis, and there is value in a good qualitative study that thouroughly explores a subject.


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