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August 1, 2011

Texting in class

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As a teacher and a student, I can certainly see both sides of this dilemma. As a student it is difficult to pay attention for long periods of time when a professor drones on about something. In these situations, I begin to look for ways to distract my mind. A handy cell phone is a quick and easy fix for my need to check out.

On the other hand, as a professor there is constant struggle to keep student’s attention.  In this age of massive information, attention spans are weakening. Students are used to taking small pieces of information from various sources, but not necessarily used to staying on topic and discovering something in depth. It may be difficult to pay attention for long periods of time, but it is a skill that can be developed and is beneficial to the student.

 In order to better facilitate the learning of this skill among my students, I plan to incorporate some “spot quizzes” into my lectures. Breaking up my lectures with time for the students to reflect on he material and re-frame it into their own words may help them focus. It will also hold them accountable for paying attention and maybe they will put down the cell phones without my constant nagging.



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