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IDEA Student Evaluations

The student end of course surveys by IDEA provides me with valuable information regarding the student learning experience in my classroom . From these surveys I can alter my teaching strategies, continually improving my ability to meet teaching goals and course outcomes. For more information on IDEA surveys visit The Idea Center.

Following are a few samples of survey results and the changes I made.

BA226 Business Law, IDEA Survey comments & stats
From this feedback, I made the following changes:

  • Brought quizzes back into the classroom rather than online
  • Reduced the number of case studies from 8 to 6
  • Encouraged students to select case studies in their creative industry

BA233 Communication Design, IDEA Survey comments & stats
From this feedback, I made the following changes:

  • Group final project reduced in scope to fit the time frame more realistically
  • Reviewed late assignment policy, but made no changes. It is flexible enough to account for unexpected life events, but strict enough to encourage timely work and teach students to meet deadlines
  • Worked with department director to ensure that proper prerequisites are in place so students can be successful
  • Sought out insights for project ideas that would be of interest to the fashion marketing majors

BA224 Principles of Marketing, IDEA Survey comments & stats
From this feedback, I made the following changes:

  • Provide more class time for groups to meet
  • Added short answer/essay questions to each quiz to increase rigor and student accountability for the readings
  • Try to schedule at least one marketing professional to visit the class per term
  • Based on high stats, use this class format as a model for other classes

Former student referral quotes from LinkedIn

Lindsay Haddy wrote: “Cyn is a wise and empathetic teacher, leader, and now friend. As a teacher, she prepared me for "Agency Life" before I even knew what she was doing. She helped me get an internship that jump-started my career, taking me in the right direction before I even graduated. I recommend her most of all for approachability and willingness to help others succeed in the Design Management field.”

Maya Attar wrote: “I took classes from Cyn throughout my four years at the Art Institute. It was a great privilege to have her guidance from start to finish. Through clarity and communication Cyn helped me grow to find my place in the design industry. Cyn taught me ethical practices, strong leadership and successful decision-making. I enjoyed being in her classes; she was wise, patient and honest with her students. Now as a working graduate, I often ask myself how Cyn would critique my work. This helps me make sure my design work and communication skills are effective. Cyn molded my success as a student and professional, her guidance was invaluable.”

Cecelia Doan wrote: “Cyn taught a majority of my Design Management courses during my time at AiPD. She was thorough and simplistic in her teaching, making the courses resourceful and relevant towards my career in the future. A lot of her teachings I still apply today. She is an excellent communicator and always looking for ways to provide her students with coursework that apply to real-life situations. I still keep in contact with Cyn presently after having been out of school for two years, and highly recommend her for any position or role pertaining to education, training, and/or management.”

Student Letter of Recommendation

Reference letter from former student, Jenny Fotland