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Detailed course analysis

Design Management Foundation Portfolio

Students entering their Junior year of studies must compile a foundational portfolio that represents the skills acquired in first and second-year business and design courses such as Marketing, Brand Strategy, Organizational Management, and Business Communications. The foundation portfolio is designed to help the student demonstrate their skills and ultimately get an internship.

Foundation Portfolio Assignment | Foundation Portfolio Rubric

One of the greatest challenges of the design management program is helping employers understand the skills that students have acquired and translate that into into internship and job opportunities. Working with my department director, we initially decided that the design manager would be able to demonstrate their various skills through an individual case study.

Student 1 sample is a case study from one of the early classes. Student 2 sample is a foundation portfolio from a more recent class.

Student 1 sample The greatest weakness of this format is that the portfolio becomes all about the case study and not as much about the student skills. Students are not able to reflect their own personality or learning experiences through a case study approach.(All cover pages and student names have been removed to protect student identity)

Over time, the requirements of the portfolio evolved. I encouraged students to demonstrate their skills by incorporating highlights from multiple projects. They begin the process with a thorough evaluation of their courses and the development of a personal visual identity.

Student 2 sample In this approach, the student began with a personal identity and a structure to organize all other projects. It is expandable or retractable as needed.(All cover pages and student names have been removed to protect student identity)


BA241 Principles of Marketing

This course introduces the students to marketing through a variety of lecture, discussion, readings, and in class activities. During the first half of this course, students individually conduct a marketing audit on a company of their choice. During the last half of the course the students are grouped into teams and they advance one of the audits into a marketing plan. Below are two lesson plan samples, essay rubric sample as well as student project samples with feedback. (All cover pages and student names have been removed to protect student identity)

Lesson plans

Essay Rubric

BA241 Midterm marketing audit with score of 96

BA241 Midterm marketing audit with score of 72

BA241 Final marketing project (no grade feedback)